Friday, December 23, 2011

It’s Merry Merry Christmas Time!!

It’s merry, merry, CHRISTmas time!! So let’s talk Christmas traditions ;).

For as long as I can remember the kiddos in the house have always done a Christmas Eve play of the Christmas story…it gets a little interesting every year to try to find something/someone to be Joseph ;).

Another tradition..which I like very much ;) we get out a folding table to put all kinds of our Christmas snack foods on ;D. One snack we have every year is peanut butter crackers coated in chocolate….hehe, yeah, it’s yummy :).

Then on Christmas morning when we get up we open presents..but first we always have to sit with our stockings and get our pictures made…and it used to seem like it took a looong time..of course ;). So what are some of your Christmas traditions?




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