Saturday, December 10, 2011

The World Race

Every year our church hosts a Lottie’s brunch. You can read about Lottie Moon here. This year we had an amazing young lady come speak. Her name is Genae Lanier and my family has known her for probably around 9 years. This past year she went on what is called the World Race. She traveled to 11 countries in 11 months helping in the different countries in so many different ways. She has some amazing stories and I would encourage you to go and read her blog here. One of the stories she told us was about a woman in, I think it was Swaziland. The woman came up to them and asked them to pray for her. The woman’s hands were shriveled up and her fingers were bent into her palms..there was no way she could move them. So they prayed over her and when they finished the woman stretched out her fingers! God had worked a beautiful miracle. The woman picked up her 50-pound bag of rice, put it on her head, and as she walked away she was stretching her fingers in and out :)

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