Sunday, March 18, 2012


God is awesome.

Think about that word for a minute. Awesome.


According to one definition of awesome is “inspiring awe”.

It has become one of my favorite words used to describe God. It’s a pretty special word to me and I try to use it only to describe Him. He’s the only one who is truly awesome.

I want to be in “inspiring awe” of Him. I want to be overwhelmed by His grace, to smile when I think of His name. I want to praise Him when I wake up and as I go to sleep, and every minute in between.

He’s done some pretty great things in my life and I long to bring glory to His name. And as you can see by my title that’s what we’re made for.

So pray for me…that God will use me to bring glory to Himself and that I will truly be in awe of Him. Our awesome God is so worthy of it!

I also would love to hear from you…is there any way I could pray for you? Just leave a comment.

Hope your Sunday has been as great as mine :)

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