Friday, May 18, 2012

For His Glory

“…you give them something to eat.”

The disciples come to Jesus and tell Him He should send the crowds away so they can go and buy food for themselves.

“But Jesus said, ‘They need not go away; you give them something to eat.’” (Matthew 14:16)

Normally that might be okay…I mean, if you have a few loaves and some fish you might could feed a few people. But this wasn’t a few people. There were thousands. In fact, there were five thousand men, and that doesn’t even include women and children!

The disciples reaction?

“Shall we go and buy two hundred denarii worth of bread and give it to them to eat?” (Mark 6: 37)

Jesus then asks them how many loaves of bread they have.

Five loaves and two fish.

That is all the disciples have to bring to Jesus to feed over five thousand people.

Five loaves and two fish.

But then Jesus, the one who turned water into wine, calmed the storm, healed a paralytic, the one to whom even the demons cried out “You are the Son of God”, that same Jesus took five loaves and two fish, looked to heaven and said a blessing, then broke the bread and gave it to the disciples to pass out to the crowds. Then…

“And they all ate and were satisfied.” (Matthew 14:20)


…Jesus, the one who took five loaves and two fish and fed thousands…

Jesus took all the disciples brought to Him and multiplied it to go farther than they could have imagined.

Jesus can do the same for us.

We may seem small and helpless and feel like we don’t have much to offer, but Jesus can take what we offer Him and multiply it.

If Jesus can take five loaves and two fish and feed over five thousand people then just think what He can do with your life!

He even promises it in His Word…

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Bring to Jesus what You have…bring to Him your life. That’s what He wants. To take your life and use it for His glory.

For His glory.

That’s what we’re made for…to bring glory to God.

Just think…He can take a helpless, worthless sinner like you and me to bring glory to Him.

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