Sunday, May 13, 2012



Such a beautiful word…it has so much meaning.

Mama…the one who cooks your food, cleans your clothes, and kisses your boo-boos.

Mama…the one who will stay up with you until all hours of the night as you pour out your heart.

Mama…the one who sings you to sleep as she strokes your hair.

Mama…the one who prays, and prays, and prays for you.

Mama…the one to whom you will always be her “baby.”

Mama…the one who sacrifices so much for you, because she loves you that much.

Mama…the one who loves you like no other. A love from God that binds you and her together forever.

Thank you, Mama…for everything. I love you SO much. I am thankful God gave me such a wonderful, godly, woman like you to love me.


P.S. You should check out her blog here.

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