Monday, August 20, 2012

1,000 Gifts

Ann Voskamp wrote a book called One Thousand Gifts. Although, I myself have not read it (yet) my mom has. So now as a family we have begun a search of 1,000 gifts. As we sit at the dinner table we take our notebooks and write down gifts God has given us.

Recently I heard a song called “Good to be Alive” by Jason Gray.

With hearing the song and starting 1000 gifts I’ve been thinking more on the need to enjoy the moment and not take each day for granted, or any gift God has given me for granted.

I want to be on the look out each day for the all the things God has given me…from the big things to the little things. I want to stop, close my eyes, breath in, listen to the birds chirp, and thank God for the moment, for each breath given to me.

I’m planning on blogging about my gifts fairly often so be on the lookout ;).

A couple gifts right now…

Walking along the warm, summer sand with little sister following along, filling in my foot prints.

Watching dolphins jump around in the ocean.

Yes, we are at the beach…so this might be the only post you’ll see for a while. I’ll be back soon!

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