Monday, September 3, 2012


So any of you who have hung out around here for a while can probably tell that I like photography.

Portraits with beautiful sunlight streaming behind the perfect pose make me happy.

Pictures of flowers with pretty little raindrops make me happy.

In fact, I like photography so much that I’m thinking and praying about pursuing it as a career.

But that’s still just a thought. I never have been too sure during my life of exactly what it is I want to do.

Since I love photography so much, though, I’d like to somehow make my blog a little more geared toward photography. It will still be the same blog with the same types of posts...I will just add some special ones for photography.

I’ve tried out Peek Into My Week…and well, I don’t think it’s going to work out so great for me. So I will no longer be posting a Peek Into My Week post. But if you have been doing it then feel free to continue to do so. Who knows…I may even give you an unofficial “peek into my week” every now and then.

But as for making my blog more photography geared, the changes will probably be small, if there are any at all. I may just end up making random posts of pictures. At least now you’ll know why though ;).

And of course, I can’t end a post about photography without posting a picture…


I hope you have had a happy Labor Day :)

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  1. If that's where God leads, then that's the direction you should go. No doubt you'll be very successful as a photographer. Love you!