Thursday, August 8, 2013

Long Island, Sandy Relief | Part One


Around 3:15 AM and we are out the door. Off we go, headed to the vans that would take us to the Big Apple. By about 4:00 AM the vans were packed with tools, luggage, and some tired, but excited people. After about 18 hours of travel we finally reached the state of New York. Whoever said that New York City never sleeps knew what they were talking about; we were driving through around midnight, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. After driving through the New York City area for about two hours we finally made it to the church on Long Island where we would be spending the next several days.




I was like a kid in a candy store when we reached New York City. I long to travel the world and I’m very thankful I had the opportunity to travel to New York. It was hard for me to take pictures that night because there were a lot of bumps in the road. Most turned out very blurry and weren’t worth much. I would love to go back one day with my good camera (all pictures were taken with iPod) to take some better pictures but I decided not to bring it on the trip because I was afraid it would be too much to keep up with it while we were working.


It had been a long trip…even seeing New York City for the first time wasn’t keeping these two awake!


We stayed at a church on Long Island, where we were to work all week on various sites across the island. The church graciously opened their doors to the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief several months ago. Bathroom units, bunk units, and RVs were provided by different organizations, including the SBDR. Different teams come each month from all over the country. Our team of 36 (from our church association) was the largest to come as one team. About 160 people were to be there that week, which was the largest ever to stay at the church at one time. A team traveled from Kentucky with the purpose to serve our meals and do other tasks as needed during the week. There were two air conditioned bunk trailers where the women stayed during the week. The men were provided with bunk beds in the church’s gym. There were a few people who had been there for several months and were overseeing the teams coming in. One of them was Mrs.Greta, a very sweet lady who was a blessing to us during the week. She and her husband have been there for the past 2 or 3 months. Please pray for her and the others working there and also the other teams that will be coming during the next months.  

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Part 2 coming soon!


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