Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Picnic


Just as I promised here’s my first post of pictures with my new camera! A couple weekends ago I decided to take Sarah and Emily on a picnic to a gorgeous park I visited once before. When we arrived we scouted out a good place to have our picnic. We almost stayed in a little grassy area, but decided to keep looking when Sarah walked over to this place, and I’m so glad she did. It was a perfect setting; situated among the soaring trees with the sunshine creeping through the leaves and Spanish Moss dangling from the branches and we had a wonderful view of the lake. I grabbed some shots as Sarah and Emily unpacked the picnic, then we sat down to eat and talk before we ventured off to get some pictures.

IMG_7855wIMG_7863wIMG_7865wIMG_7868wIMG_7871wIMG_7889wIMG_7902wIMG_7933wIMG_7936wIMG_7949wIMG_7959wIMG_7965wIMG_7983wIMG_7987w IMG_8008w

The above is one of my favorites. So much joy in one picture…and that’s one thing I love about photography. Capturing the joy in a moment. Smiles and laughter are some of the best things to photograph.


And our session concludes with them dancing off into the trees :)

You may have noticed I have a new page under my header titled “Clients.” This page takes you directly to my Pixieset gallery where I will be sharing some of my latest work (I’m still working on filling it up :). I’m using Pixieset as a way to deliver pictures to my clients so they can simply go in and download (and share!) their pictures at any time. It’s also an easy way for any new clients to get a quick and easy look at my work. So go check it out! (I love it.) As a reminder, you can also view my work and past blog posts by going to the “Photography” or “Writing” pages under the header.
The weekend is almost here (yay!). I hope yours is great :)