Thursday, August 28, 2014

Senior | Shelley :: Wilmington, NC Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

Shelley and I and our families have been friends for about eleven years now. We grew up together, best buddies, spending hours on end playing Polly Pockets, house, and adventuring through creeks. Our childhood was the absolute best and many times I wish I could go back to those fun days :). Now Polly Pockets has been replaced with games (Settlers of Catan is one of our favorites!) and we usually try to squeeze in Pride and Prejudice, one of our all time favorite movies...we might be a little obsessed ;). It's been many years since we've lived in the same town, but the distance can never keep us all apart. I was so excited when Shelley asked me to take her senior portraits when she came to visit. We went out one morning and took these off a trail near my house. Shelley was a fantastic subject and the lighting was perfect, making me a very excited photographer ;). 

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