Monday, March 23, 2015

When You Feel It, Once You Know It

When you feel it, once you see it, and you breathe it,
It's unforgettable
When you know it, once you know it, and you hold it,
It's unforgettable

I couldn't resist buying For King and Country's latest CD Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong (Recently $10 at Lifeway and worth every penny).

I've been blaring it in my car ever since and one of my favorites begins echoing the lyrics above and it made me so happy. Because as I sat there driving down the road it was a reminder of me of why I'll never be the same again. Once you know God, there's no turning back...why?

Because His joy is a giddy feeling inside that bubbles up like a volcano ready to explode. Even when life gives us no reason to be joyful, it's still there because God's hope keeps us looking toward an eternity brighter than anything we can ever dream of.

Because His peace is so comforting that we don't have to fear the next year, next month, next week, next day, next moment, because we know He has everything under control and that when we die we will be in His presence.

Because His love is unconditional. No matter what we do His love for us will never change.

Because He is faithful even when we are not. We turn from Him too often and choose our own path, but we will never turn back to Him and find that He is not there.

Because His grace, mercy, and forgiveness is overwhelming. When we compare our dirty, wretched selves to an awesome and perfect and holy God there is no way we cannot feel overwhelmed. The fact that He loves us enough to extend such grace and mercy that are no longer guilty; the fact that He not only forgives, but forgets, our sins is incredible.

It's unforgettable...there's no turning back. 

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