Friday, May 15, 2015

Hong Kong - China 2015

Hello from Hong Kong! :) 

My cousin, Grey, Lauren, my grandmother, Me, and my uncle Matthew (who's only staying the first two weeks).

Wednesday morning we boarded our flight for Toronto. It was my first flight in nine years and more gorgeous than I remembered. We flew out with the sunrise, a pink and orange horizon above the clouds. As we got closer to the ground it was fascinating to me to see all of the cars and buildings. Nothing looked real, it literally looked like everything was just a toy. When we landed we had about an hour and a half layover so we ate breakfast then boarded our next flight. Our flight into Hong Kong was 16 hours, the never-ending flight. The plane was nice though, with tons of movie and TV show options to keep us entertained. The windows were closed almost the entire time because it was so bright, but we peaked out every now and then and saw this: 

Landing into Hong Kong was one of the most gorgeous views I have ever experienced. There were islands and boats and water a gorgeous green-blue. 

After we arrived in Hong Kong and got checked in to our hotel we went to Victoria's Peak, one of the tallest peaks surrounding the city of Hong Kong. You can see the entire city up there. We got there when it was already dark, so the city was lit up. We were all exhausted and hot, but I'm glad we went now. On the way to the tram we walked a lot, so we were able to get a feel of the city. Then on the way back we rode in a taxi. The taxi driver was hilarious. He was very proud of his music and had it turned up loud and paid my uncle to sing along with it. His driving was fast, fun, and scary. But we arrived safely to our hotel! 

The view from our room.

We are typical tourists and do not care :)

The view from Victoria's Peak.

Due to some complications we're staying longer in Hong Kong than originally planned, but it's given us lots of time to relax and explore. Grey, Lauren, and I walked in areas around the hotel. We went to a park behind the hotel, 7 Eleven, and McDonald's. Then we came back to the hotel and walked around for a while inside. 

I'm so thankful I get to travel with my best friend :)

A couple pictures from 7 Eleven.

McDonald's - underground!

Our hotel. 

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