Monday, July 27, 2015

Sarah and Emily | Fort Fisher Session

Last summer I took two of my favorite subjects on a picnic, along with my brand new camera, and photographed to my heart's content. This year I took my same favorite subjects, now several inches taller, on another photo excursion. I've done several sessions with Sarah and Emily over the past few years, and they've grown so much...


...and I hope you'll agree my photography has too ;). It's so fun to look back and see how much they've grown and changed. I remember bits and pieces of each session, and the laughter and joy they find in each other is one thing I know hasn't changed a bit. They have two completely different personalities and interests, and yet they're best friends. I'm so blessed to be able to witness such a relationship in my own home. 

We've always called them our monkeys (years ago they swung from our dining room chandelier...), so I thought this picture was very appropriate for them! Plus those same laughing smiles that have made it into every session :). We went to Fort Fisher, a favorite place of ours even though we had only been there once. All three of us were excited because the last time Sarah and Emily had been down there they found sea anemones and starfish in tide pools. We were all hoping to find them again, but the tide had come in and they weren't able to find any. It was still fun exploring, climbing over the rocks, and enjoying the beautiful day it was. 

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